ASTM E2905 Requires Clean Gears
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ASTM E2905 Requires Clean Gears

Concerned about the time it takes to clean your girth gear?

The Cleansolv cleaning program can clean a 40’ SAG gear in less than an hour.

This is because the electromagnetic signal from the inspection equipment loses it sensitivity as it moves more than 1.5 millimeters from the gear tooth service.

This is why gear teeth cleaning is integrated into the ASTM E2905 standard.

ASTM E2905 is used only for the detection of surface breaking discontinuities including cracking, macropitting, and certain scuffing and wear patterns.

It will not provide a full gear tooth analysis.

Visual examination by an experienced gear specialist is the best way to characterize fully the failure modes present.

Cleansolv prepares the gear teeth for this.

A clean gear is recommended for a complete gear failure analysis.

  • Less downtime
  • Increased production revenue
  • Standardized cleaning program
  • Removes contamination and lubrication build-up.

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