Girth Gear Cleaning Specialists for Gear Driven Rotating Equipment

Serving North America


Gear Cleaning Specialist for Rotating Equipment

in Accordance to ASTM E2905 - Appendix X2

Girth Gear Flushing; Fast, Safe, Reliable, Eco-Friendly

We are a gear cleaning specialist for large girth gear cleaning for rotating equipment.

Our new formulation, GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant, is patent pending technology; containing high levels of EP & AW Additives to protect the gear teeth during the flushing process. GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant passes Scuffing Load Stage 14 for ASTM D5182 (FZG).

Dirty Gear & Pinion
Clean Girth Gear

Gear Cleaning Specialist

Over 20 years’ experience in providing large girth gear cleaning services. Full training programs available.

Fully Cleaned in Less Than 1 Hour

We lead the industry in minimizing downtime and impact on production revenue

Environmentally Safe

Our patent pending flushing lubricant is safe for personnel, equipment, and the environment

The ability to fully visualize gear teeth (AGMA 1010) is critical for a complete gear inspection or audit

Let’s Talk About Girth Gear Inspections

Girth gear cleaning in under 1 hour and inspect the same in under 9 hours; saving valuable downtime and increasing production revenue

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flushing lubricant

GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant

For cleaning rotating equipment gear drives. Passes Load Stage 14 for ASTM D5182 (FZG)

girth gear cleaning

Cleansolv High Flash EP

High levels of EP Additives to protect the gear teeth during the cleaning process

Made In The USA

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Why is it important to clean my gears?

  • Insurance inspections
  • Alignment checks
  • Ore contamination of the lubrication
  • Warranty inspections
  • Maintenance and repairs

How long does it take to inspect and clean a large gear?

Under 10 hours. The gear cleaning takes 1 hour, and the inspection takes less than 9, saving you downtime and increasing your production revenue

Do you ship your gear cleaning products worldwide?

Yes, we can ship anywhere. Our products are also as Non-Regulated under DOT, TDG, IATA, and IMDG.

Our gear cleaning service coverage is throughout North America.

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