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Automated Girth Gear Cleaning and Flushing System

Introducing our Automated Girth Gear Cleaning System (AGCS): a revolutionary solution designed to streamline cleaning and flushing of girth gears. With an easy installation that attaches directly to the gear guard, this system is not only portable but enhances safety by eliminating the need for handheld operation.

Experience a fast, efficient, and simplified cleaning process, ensuring minimal downtime and an accurate scan of gear teeth using the Eddy Current Array method.

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  • Check Mark Clean in under an hour
  • Check Mark Minimize unscheduled downtime
  • Check Mark More mill availability

The flushing process with GF 460EP

  • Reducing unscheduled downtime
  • New automated flushing system.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Excellent for quarterly flushing contamination out of the gear set without having to shut down the mill.
  • Excellent for flushing out Slurry Ingres.
  • GF 460EP contains high levels of EP & AW Additives to protect the gear teeth during the cleaning or flushing process.
  • Excellent for preparing for pinion changeouts.

Contamination issues

  • Excellent for girth/bull gear cleaning and flushing.
  • Designed to remove contamination and lubricant buildup on girth gears and pinions prior to inspection or any related maintenance procedures.

Why lubricant contamination is a problem

  • Contamination cases of abrasive wear on gear teeth
  • Contamination can create excessive vibration
  • Contamination can cause equipment failure due to excessive gear teeth wear and corrosion
  • A build-up in the root of the gear tooth can cause the pinion and gear to not mesh properly
  • Removing contaminated lubricant can decrease unscheduled downtime