Why is it important to clean my gears?

Bull gear flushing is needed to remove contamination and lubricant buildup on bull gears when contamination is present, particularly when slurry enters the gear guard.

When using Eddy Current Array for gear teeth inspections, the inspection probe cannot be farther than 2mm from the inspected surface or it will lose signal. With lubrication present on gear teeth, 100% inspection coverage cannot be achieved. Surface defects can be missed.

A clean gear allows for:

  • Insurance inspections
  • Alignment checks
  • Ore contamination of the lubrication
  • Warranty inspections
  • Maintenance and repairs

Flushing Process as per ASTM E2905

Removing built-up contaminated lubricant, allowing for an accurate visual inspection as per AGMA 1010-F14 and to ensure an accurate Eddy Current Array scan in accordance with ASTM E2905.

Cleaned in 1 Hour

What is GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant?

GF 460EP is a flushing lubricant for open gear flushing applications; designed to remove contamination and lubricant buildup on girth gears and pinions prior to inspection or any related maintenance procedures.

How long does it take to inspect and clean a large gear?

Under 10 hours. The gear cleaning takes 1 hour, and the inspection takes less than 9, saving you downtime and increasing your production revenue.

Cleansolv’s Patent Pending process can clean a 40′ SAG gear in less than 1 hour

What is the process to clean a gear?

  1. Spray GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant through the inspection door, 1 hour before shutdown; during grind out.
  2. Cleaning is typically completed in under 1 hour.
  3. No rinsing or wiping is required if using Eddy Current Array inspection method (ASTM E2905).
  4. Clean flanks and roots allow for a complete visual inspection.
Contaminated Gear

How often should I clean my gear?

  • Annually flushing contamination out of the gear set without having to shut down the mill
  • Preparing for pinion change outs
  • Flushing out Slurry Ingres.

How does GF 460EP compare with other flushing lubricants?

Clear or translucent lubricants still require cleaning to conduct a thorough visual inspection, as the lubricant can obstruct critical details on the tooth surface.

GF 460EP contains high levels of EP & AW Additives to protect the gear teeth during the flushing process.

There also no need to wipe the gear teeth down or rinse after using GF 460EP for Magnetic Particle or Dye Penetrant inspections

It also has a very high flash point of >2000 F, able to be used in high temperature environments.

GF 460EP is also easily shipped, as a non-regulated non-hazardous material under DOT, TDG, IATA, and IMDG.